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About Us

We are AmpTec

an internationally leading provider of RNA technology products, including RNA isolation and mRNA amplification kits, synthetic long RNAs and DNAs as well as functional mRNAs.

We are committed to direct and flexible customer interactions with life science industries and academic research institutions around the world, including on-site technical support.

AmpTec CEOs Dr. Peter Scheinert and Dr. Guido Krupp

We deliver quality

Our products meet the requirements of the finest international standards:

  • High Quality Provider of IVT-RNAs since 1998
  • Provider of synthetic Nucleic Acids for worldwide leading Companies in the field of molecular diagnostics and biotechnology
  • Manufacturer in compliance with ISO 9001 since 2008
  • Manufacturer in compliance with ISO 13485 since 2010
  • Compliance with cGMP since 2012 (regulations of FDA 21 CFR Part 820)
  • Compliance with cGMP FDA 21 CFR Part 210 and ICH Q7 (section 19: APIs for use in clinical trials) since 2016

We have implemented a quality management system, certified by DQS MED.

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News & Dates

Meet AmpTec at
International mRNA Health Conference
November 1-2, 2017
Berlin, Germany

Molecular Med TRI-CON 2017
February 19-24, 2017
San Francisco, CA, USA,

Press Release
CMC Pharma and AmpTec close consulting agreement

CMC Pharma GmbH and AmpTec GmbH close consulting agreement for API-mRNA production according to GMP FDA 21 CFR Part 210, 211, ICH Q7 for IND/CTA use in early phase clinical studies.

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Press Release
Scope of certified quality expanded

AmpTec Expands Scope for its quality management system, certified by DQS MED:
New Scope: production and sales of synthetic nucleic acids for diagnostic AND therapeutic use.

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Product News
Now available
AmpTec now offers stocked mRNA catalogue products from microgram to milligram scale range.

Coming soon:
10-20 gram scale range for customized functional mRNAs from any sequence up to 12 kilobases.

Press release
New England BiolabsĀ® Announces Agreement with AmpTec GmbH to supply key mRNA Synthesis Reagents
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Meet AmpTec at
Molecular Med TRI-CON 2016
March 6-11, 2016
San Francisco, CA, USA,

and at

International mRNA Health Conference
November 1st and 2nd, 2016
Boston, USA

Read AmpTec Research Paper:

Synthetic mRNA for manipulating cellular phenotypes
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AmpTec presents Poster at
International mRNA Health Conference

First special forum for therapeutic mRNA
November 11-12th, 2015
Berlin, Germany
Eurofins Genomics and AmpTec close distribution agreement for very long synthetic RNAs

Joint expertise to provide custom services for in vitro transcribed (IVT) single- stranded (ss) and double-stranded (ds) RNAs and for functional synthetic mRNAs.

Ebersberg, Germany, July 1st, 2014 - Eurofins Genomics, international market leader in genomic services, and AmpTec, internationally recognized provider of RNA technology products, have agreed on non-exclusively co-marketing AmpTec's IVT-RNAs globally...

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Exclusive supply contract with Insight Genetics

February 2013 - Hamburg-based supplier AmpTec and US diagnostic company Insight Genetics sign exclusive supply contract for synthetic reference RNAs.

This press release is available in German only.

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Partners We proudly team up with strong and qualified partners:

Synthetic mRNA technology has revolutionized genome editing.

AmpTec is proud to be part of this revolution.


and other customized fully functional mRNAs
are available from AmpTec with highest quality at any scale.


We specialized in the following four product groups:

RNA Isolation and Amplification

  • ExpressArt® RNA Isolation Kits:
    unique technology for RNA isolation
  • ExpressArt® mRNA Amplification Kits:
    patented technology for universal amplification of even highly degraded mRNAs
  • Patented technology for bacterial mRNA amplification
  • Picograms of total RNA input sufficient
  • Possible applications
    Reliable high quality RNA-Isolation from FFPE-material
    Universal pre-amplification of mRNAs for Transcriptome Analysis
    Universal pre-amplification of mRNAs for Next generation Sequencing Analysis (NGS)

Functional mRNAs
Therapeutic mRNAs

  • Customized functional mRNAs from any sequence
  • Highly modified or unmodified available
  • cGMP-API-Production
  • Any Scale available
    (now from ng to g)
  • Highly standardized AmpTec workflow
  • ISO 13485 and cGMP grade available, cGMP-API production available
  • Possible applications
    Highly specific vaccination
    Individualized tumor therapy with tissue-specific and patient-specific tumor markers/antigens (anti-viral therapy)
    Stem cells by cellular reprogramming
    Cell therapy with in vitro generated tissue autologous, patient-derived tissue cells (see Quabius & Krupp, 2014 )
  • Now available:
    Stocked mRNA catalogue products from microgram to milligram scale range

Long ssRNAs and dsRNAs and DNAs

  • Customized long RNAs and DNAs from any sequence for in vitro diagnostics or companion diagnostics
  • High quality IVT-RNA and DNA in any length and scale
  • Highly standardized AmpTec workflow
  • ISO 13485 and cGMP grade available
  • Possible applications
    Reference material for the development of in vitro diagnostic assays
    Internal control RNA for performance control (e.g. RNA isolation, reverse transcription and qPCR amplification / detection
    Positive control RNAs for controlling high assay qualities

Functional dsRNAs

  • Customized functional dsRNAs from any sequence
  • Any Scale available (from ng to mg)
  • Direct dsRNA synthesis procedure, not by annealing of two ssRNAs
  • Highly standardized AmpTec workflow
  • Possible applications
    Double-strand RNA (dsRNA) as tool for gene-specific silencing of gene expression
    Long dsRNA is substantially more effective than short dsRNA
    Indirect introduction of long dsRNA in diverse organisms
    Direct injection of long dsRNA in oysters as prominent example

Contact Us

Get in touch with us. We take great effort in our customer service. Please do not hesitate to call.

Dr. Peter Scheinert, CEO
Dr. Peter Scheinert

CEO and Founder

Dr. Guido Krupp, CEO

Dr. Guido Krupp

CEO and President


  • AmpTec GmbH
    Koenigstr. 4A
    D-22767 Hamburg

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