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About Us

AmpTec GmbH was founded in June 2005. The ExpressArt® technology was developed at artus GmbH. After the acquisition of the PCR branch of artus GmbH by Qiagen AG, the ExpressArt® branch with all its personnel and know-how was transferred to AmpTec GmbH.

Company Goals: Further development and extended applications of ExpressArt®, a unique linear mRNA amplification technology.

With ExpressArt® we have overcome several limitations of competing technologies: no large primer-derived amplification artefacts, no problems with studies comprising small and large RNA samples, amplification of picogram amounts of total RNA. Recent, special additions include specific mRNA amplification (avoiding rRNAs) in challenging samples of total RNA: all mRNA fragments in degraded RNAs (independent of Poly-A), all bacterial mRNAs (no need to add a 3'-tag).