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ExpressArt® Kits - Reference Users

Selected Reference Users (in alphabetical order)
Arrand, Institute for Cancer Studies, University of Birmingham, U.K
Baugh & Hunter, Harvard University, Cambridge, USA
Brunner, Aventis Pharma GmbH, Group aventis-sanofi, Germany
Hagenbüchle, Swiss Cancer Research Centre (ISREC), Switzerland
Kemmner, Max-Delbrück-Centrum, Berlin, Germany
Klein-Hitpass, Array Facility, University Hospital, Essen, Germany
Sauer & Burgemeister, PALM Microlaser Technologies, Germany
Shepherd & Hudson, The Cancer Institute, U.K
Stoinski-Bungs, MMI Molecular Machines & Industries, Switzerland
Uzunova & Marrer, Novartis Pharma AG, Switzerland
Walter & Eliason, Asterand Inc., USA
The Wong Lab, Department of Dentistry, UCLA, USA